The Blue Sandwich.

There it was. Staring at me.

The blue sandwich.

I had often hoped that we wouldn’t meet throughout my years of eating the school cafeteria food. Yet, it had found me, slap bang in the middle of 11th grade.

“So,” The school cafeteria lady smacks her gum, showing her yellowed teeth, her hair net moving from side to side, allowing her sliver grey hair to peek from underneath. “What will it be, kid?”

I paused. “Erm, the sandwich please.” It was either that or what appeared to be meatballs… and there was no way I was choosing those.  The lunch lady smiled smugly and grabbed the blue sandwich and placed it onto the plate. I took the plate reluctantly and smiled politely. “Thanks.” I said, making my way to my table with all my friends who would probably scold me for being polite and choosing the blue sandwich.

Aaaaand I was right, I thought as I saw their faces as I approached the table.

“Tell me this is some kind of joke, babe.” Maggie turns to face me, her voice angry, and eyebrows raised.” Jake starts laughing, and Tina just sighs. “Listen, it was either that or the meatballs, and God knows that there is no meat in those meatballs. Just saying.” I defend myself, and start eating the salad around the blue sandwich. “Well,” Jake puts his soda down and looks at me. “That thing has been around since forever. I don’t know why they don’t just stop adding food colouring or whatever they do to make it blue. Just… I wouldn’t eat it if I were you.” Jake shrugs. He was right. The blue sandwich was a regular occurrence in our school’s cafeteria, and no one knew why it was even that colour.

I looked at the sandwich and poked it with my fork, seeing lettuce and tomato, but the blue bread distracted me from the contents. Then a thought wandered into my head.

How sad is it that we judge something, even a piece of food by its cover? I mean, it wasn’t moldy. It was just blue. If we judge a sandwich by its bread, then clearly we judge a book by its cover, and the people we know by what they wear.

I picked up the sandwich with my hands, and took a big bite out of it, and smiled.

My friends gasped.

“Tastes good.” I said in-between mouthfuls.  “Want a bite?”



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3 responses to “The Blue Sandwich.

  1. I like the moral you five this short story. Its a unique way of portraying this idea. I love it 😀

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