Snowflakes and stupid December.

Falling snowflakes and the smell of hot chocolate fills the air. December, the month of Christmas and forgiving. The last month of the year, everyone was hoping for the next year to be better.

Not me.

I had done my deeds, done my “good stuff” this year. Looking around at everyone else attempting to be good people was sad and humorous. Christmas was not my thing.

I had tried over the years to be all jolly and happy, but I had tricked people into thinking my smile was genuine. I had always wondered, was all the stress and rushing around buying Christmas presents people really worth it?


I guess for once in my life, I could say that it was worth it. You know that really overly cheesy song by Mariah Carey – “All I Want for Christmas Is You”? Well, yeah. That’s all I really did want. I wanted that one person, and well, it had changed me. In a bad way.

Had the hot chocolate gone to my head? Was I going soft? Was I feeling Christmassy? No. I felt all warm inside when I saw him. I kept telling myself “Grace, snap out of it.”

Guess I didn’t. I couldn’t, to say the least. I had tried, but his stupid smile and laugh were stuck on repeat, like a dodgy record.  I had bought him CD’s by his favourite band – 3, actually. We were meeting in the town centre. I was walking towards him. There he was! Wait…

Why was he hugging a girl? With long skinny legs and perfect silky blonde hair? She was looking at him and smiling. He started to lean in, she leaned in, their lips met…

I started running up to him. He looked up and jumped away from the girl, his mouth open and the blood rushing to his cheeks.

“Merry bloody Christmas. You deserve it.” I threw his stupid CD’s at him and ran away. “Wait, listen, I can explain!” I heard him call after me, but I kept running home.

I slowed down, and snowflakes started falling now. I sighed and looked up at the sky.

Stupid December.

(Merry Christmas to all my readers – wishing you a great day for the 25th!) 


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  1. Really good story! I loved it! 😀

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