Could Be, Should Be

“I could be a wandering soul, travelling the world.

I should be right here, in my home.

I could be a crazy writer,

I should be a doctor, working alone. 

I could be a 17-year-old, uncontrolled.

I should be a 17-year-old.  

I could be a happy kid.

I should be a stressed kid. 

I could be what I want to be.

I should be what the world wants me to be.” 

“Great poem, Daisy.” Ms Jacobs nodded her head in approval at Daisy’s poem. Daisy shrugged. She had tried to show her drooling classmates how oppressive the world was. She looked around. The kid with the baseball cap was drooling on the table. The dumb rich girl was filing her nails. The geek who sat behind her was playing on his Gameboy. Daisy sighed as she went back to her seat. The bell rung, and she grabbed her bag, glad to finally go home.  As she was leaving, she felt someone tap her shoulder.

“Hi. That was really cool, your poem.” It was the new kid, Henry. Daisy laughed sarcastically. “Ha, sure. Thanks.” She swung her bag onto her back and began walking out the classroom. “No, no really. It was really… eye opening?” Henry had followed her. He was an odd kid, with tanned skin and freckles and pale green eyes with soot black hair. Daisy stopped and turned around at him. “Seriously? You’re not screwing around with me right now, right?” He smiled at her. “No, I’m not. It was really awesome. You’re a good writer. It’s a shame the rest of our class are bunch of mindless idiots. They’re being ‘what the world wants them to be’”. Daisy smiled. “You’re not one of those mindless idiots. Nice to know there’s someone smart in our class.” Daisy walked off, leaving Henry behind in the hall. Henry blushed and whispered to himself:

“I could be the guy I want be.

I should be the guy she wants me to be.”



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5 responses to “Could Be, Should Be

  1. Its a really good story! I really like it! 😀

    • thank you! and well, as a kid in high school, you’re often expected to be stressed due to work load, homework, tests, projects, essays, and pretty much deciding what to do with and for the rest of your life – no time to be happy. just a thought. thanks for reading 🙂

  2. Débora

    Put effort in all you do and enjoy things, Tala! Congratulations on your tales, I love them!

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