John paused. This was not the reaction he wanted.

“Mom. I got into Princeton. With a scholarship.” John stood there, blue eyes wide and his curly blonde hair pointing in different directions. “I was the only student, from my entire school who got in.”

John’s mother, Lucy looked up from her newspaper. “And? Darling, I’m not quite sure what you want me to say to you.” Lucy straightened her glasses and went back to reading The New York Times. John slumped into the armchair opposite his mother, defeated. He thought his parents would be proud. Yet, all his mother had said was… “And?”. Lucy cleared her throat. “Oh, darling? Could you please tell Grace that we’ve run out of vol au vents for our cocktail party tonight?” Lucy smiled at John, a smile that was once real and had meaning, was now simply a gesture of fake gratitude. John stared at his mother. “Sure.” He stood up, angrily leaving the living room.

Lucy put down her newspaper, and rubbed her temples. She took her glasses off and looked outside the window, at Manhattan. However she wasn’t looking at the skyscrapers, but her own reflection. She saw a woman with pale olive skin, and a chin length bob with expensive honey blonde streaks mixing in with her own dark blonde hair. Her eyes were tired and weak, the sparkle from her sea blue eyes was gone. A tear escaped from her eye. Lucy looked away at the window, and began to sob uncontrollably. Lucy had realised that not only did she look like her mother, she had become her.

Lucy’s mother, had never once approved or congratulated Lucy on her accomplishments. Not even when she had the highest grades in her college class for Law when she went to Harvard, despite wanting to study Art. Her mother had forced her to take Law. “Oh don’t be stupid, Lucy. Being an artist is a joke. You’re going to study Law.”

Her mother had never once complimented Lucy, or noticed her hard work. All her mother ever said was that one word, that could hurt so much in such a short space of time.




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4 responses to ““And?”

  1. A great little story from such a small word – excellent! 😀

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