Lottie was at a crossroad in her life.

Standing there holding the summer of her dreams in her hand, in the form of an acceptance letter to one the biggest advertising firms in the country. A summer working as an intern before university – this was the most perfect thing Lottie could have dreamed of.

Lottie exhaled and sat down on her bed. She looked at the picture hanging on her wall; a picture of happier and simpler times. Times where her father was not a crying wreck of a 46-year-old male.

What a way to go. Lottie thought to herself.

Last year in January, Lottie’s stepmother, Barbara, had been run over by a Heineken truck. This amused Lottie as her stepmother had never been a fan of beer and would look disgusted whenever a bottle of beer was opened near her. Lottie smiled darkly.

Barbara had married Lottie’s father only two years ago, where they met at work. Barbara was the young, blonde haired, doe eyed assistant to Lottie’s father before they married. Two months later, they were married.

Barbara was always mocking Lottie and ignoring her, but acting sweet as pie whenever Lottie’s father was around. Lottie shopped all day, buying overpriced clothes and cosmetics, and eating at expensive restaurants with her friends.

Lottie really, really, disliked Barbara.

But, now that Barbara was gone, Lottie’s father was depressed, sitting on the sofa watching cheesy cooking shows and drinking cold coffee.

Lottie was at a crossroad in her life.

Should I stay or should I go? Lottie knew that her father would not make it through the morning if Lottie was not there.

But she also knew that working at this firm was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Lottie knew what she had to do.

She walked down the stairs to her father, who was watching MasterChef, wearing stained pyjamas.

“Dad?” Lottie looked at her father. He looked up, his eyes empty and hollow.

“Yes, sweetheart?” He replied.

“I’m at a crossroad in my life.”


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