“I’m not a sad story, you know.”

Her name was Sam Kennedy, and she had soot black, shoulder length curly hair, with thick dark eyebrows and eyes the colour of the sky on a clear day. She wore all black, and the same black leather jacket everyday. She smelt like sadness and cigarettes.

The first time I saw her I was in the library checking out books my college professor recommended for me – mainly books about Harper Lee as we were reading the ever so famous “To Kill a Mockingbird”. I was leaving with a pile of books so high that I had look around them to see where I was going. I ended up bumping into Sam and almost dropping all my books.

“Oh, sorry. Excuse me…” I said walking around Sam who was now smiling and raising her eyebrows.

“Hey, I know you. Toby, right?” She stood in front of me, blocking my path.

“Er, yeah. That’s me. We have English lit. with Mr Reynolds, right?” Sam nodded. I was struggling with all the books in my hands. “Listen, sorry Sam. I have to go…” I gestured to the books with my eyes. Sam was still smiling. “Sure, Toby. See you around.”

After meeting in the library, we ended up meeting there everyday. I helped her study, and she helped me relax. We started going out to the college’s café every afternoon after our lectures, and we talked about our lives and who we were and wanted to be.

“I’m not a sad story, you know.” She was smoking as usual, and sipping black coffee. I paused mid sip of my hot chocolate.

“I know.” I replied.

Sam laughed. “No you don’t, Toby. No one really does, if you think about it. Just because I wear black and smell like Marlboro doesn’t mean anything. It’s just me. Doesn’t mean I’m sad, or whatever. It’s huge misconception. Guys always try to ‘fix me’. It’s pathetic, really.” She exhaled her smoke, staring at me. “So don’t think I don’t know what your aim is. I know guys like you, and I know what your plan is. I have you all figured out.”

“I don’t love you. If that’s what you’re thinking.” I lied, looking at her.

“Oh, I know.” She looked down at her lap. I frowned.

Sam looked up.

“Because that’s why I love you.” She responded.


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